How to start a business in Hong Kong

How to do business in Hong Kong

Interested in starting a business in Hong Kong? In less than three minutes, learn how easy it is to get your business dreams off the ground in Hong Kong – Asia’s World City and home to the region’s premier business services.

So How do you start a business in Hong Kong?

It’s so easy we can tell you in a three-minute article. When Polina Rays went to open her local Hong Kong company – Let’s Dance Studio, she had peace of mind about using Hong Kong as a base and the ease of setting up business here:

There were no licenses or approvals or permits we really need to get. We needed to set up a limited company, a couple of days – literally. Before you needed two directors, now you need one, that’s very easy. There’s lots of accounting firms; get them signed up as your accountant – that’s very easy. Signing a lease; there’s a lot of law firms, it’s not that expensive and again very easy. The regulations for approvals for design, for fit out, for contract, for license. From getting the keys to literally opening – we did it in two months.

And one of your first stops on the way to starting a business should be to see Invest Hong Kong.

Basically if you want to register a company in Hong Kong all you need is the minimum capital one Hong Kong dollar, one director or shareholder and you can register that company online in an hour.

What it allows you to do is focus on the business. You don’t want to be focused on filling out forms, regulations and approvals and waiting. And having challenges with staff and unions and all that. If you want to run a business and focus on running the business we honestly believe in the markets we’ve been in, this is the easiest. And the markets I’m not in, from what I’ve heard, this is also the easiest. This is the best place.

Many people are looking at Asia because most of the leading economies in our part of the world are growing much faster than in Europe and North America. Many are coming here to tap into opportunities in the rest of China but also to use Hong Kong as a platform to go into some of the Southeast Asian markets as well.

Hong Kong is the world’s freest economy and that means the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs coming to set up here are incredibly low.

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