British Virgin Islands Offshore Company Formation

There’s a reason why about 40% of the world’s offshore companies are registered in the British Virgin Islands. It isn’t only because the BVI is an amazing place to visit, but because it’s one of the oldest internationally recognized offshore territories. Many other offshore jurisdictions…

Penalties of Singapore company, which must be avoided

We all know or have heard of the numerous fines in Singapore when you are not allowed to even bring chewing gum to the country, litter, leave water after watering in flower pans, etc. And what about the company’s fines in Singapore? Are they also…

Hong Kong as a Tax Efficient Platform for Canadians

Hong Kong’s Tax Advantages

Lets take a look on Hong Kong’s Tax Advantages. HK has a favourable tax regime, meaning first of all it’s a territorial based tax system – only HK sourced income will be taxed in Hong Kong. Relative for a lot of Canadians they would know…

How to start a business in Hong Kong

How to do business in Hong Kong

Interested in starting a business in Hong Kong? In less than three minutes, learn how easy it is to get your business dreams off the ground in Hong Kong – Asia’s World City and home to the region’s premier business services.

The Bahamas is recommended to be removed from the EU’s “black list”.

The Bahamas recommended to be removed from the "black list"

The Bahamas government received an official letter from the Secretariat of the European Union Code of Conduct that the islands are recommended to be removed from the “black list”, which includes countries of incompatible tax jurisdictions. A month ago, on March 13, the EU meeting…

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